Title Email Interests
Beck Pooley, Karen Professor of Practice, Director of Environmental Policy Design program kbp312@lehigh.edu City planning, housing and community development, neighborhood revitalization, and urban politics
Borick, Christopher Adjunct Professor, Lehigh University, Professor of Political Science and Director, Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion Public Opinion, environmental policy, public health policy, and elections
Davis, Frank Associate Professor fld1@lehigh.edu Research methods, U.S. Congress, and American politics
Deo, Nandini Associate Professor ndd208@lehigh.edu Comparative politics
DiMaggio, Anthony Assistant Professor ard416@lehigh.edu Mass media, social movements, public opinion, interest groups, and inequality
Fennell, Vera Associate Professor vlf208@lehigh.edu Comparative politics and globalization
Fife, Brian Professor and Chair blf218@lehigh.edu American politics, elections, education policy, and equality
Holland, Breena Associate Professor brh205@lehigh.edu Environmental policy, environmental politics, environmental justice, contemporary political theory, and environmental political theory
Jensen, Jennifer Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor of Political Science jjensen@lehigh.edu American politics, particularly state government, federalism and intergovernmental relations, interest groups, and political careers
Laible, Janet Associate Professor jml6@lehigh.edu Comparative politics, nationalism, and European Union
Matthews, Richard Distinguished University Professor rm02@lehigh.edu Political philosophy with specialization in ideologies and early American thought
Morgan, Edward Emeritus Distinguished University Professor epm2@lehigh.edu
Ochs, Holona Associate Professor hlo209@lehigh.edu Public policy, nonprofit administration and social entrepreneurship, and research methods
Olson, Laura Professor lko1@lehigh.edu Public policy, American presidency, and politics of women
Reichley, Douglas Adjunct Professor Constitutional Law, administrative law, and legislative politics
Wurth, Albert Associate Professor ahw1@lehigh.edu American public policy and political economy, emphasizing environment and technology