Title Email Interests
Beck Pooley, Karen Professor of Practice, Director of Environmental Policy Design program kbp312@lehigh.edu City planning, housing and community development, neighborhood revitalization, urban politics
Borick, Christopher Adjunct Professor Public Opinion, environmental policy, public health policy, elections
Davis, Frank Associate Professor fld1@lehigh.edu Research methods, U.S. Congress, American politics
Deo, Nandini Associate Professor ndd208@lehigh.edu Comparative politics
DiMaggio, Anthony Assistant Professor ard416@lehigh.edu Mass media, social movements, public opinion, interest groups, and inequality
Fennel, Vera Associate Professor vlf208@lehigh.edu Comparative politics and globalization
Fife, Brian Professor and Chair blf218@lehigh.edu American politics, elections, education policy, and equality
Haubert, Wade Adjunct Lecturer wbh204@lehigh.edu Community policing, labor relations, nation building, conflict resolution and coalition building, emergency management, crisis intervention
Holland, Breena Associate Professor brh205@lehigh.edu Environmental policy, environmental politics, environmental justice, contemporary political theory, environmental political theory
Laible, Janet Associate Professor jml6@lehigh.edu Comparative politics, nationalism, European Union
Matthews, Richard Distinguished University Professor rm02@lehigh.edu Political philosophy with specialization in ideologies and early American thought
Morgan, Edward Emeritus Distinguished University Professor epm2@lehigh.edu
Ochs, Holona Associate Professor hlo209@lehigh.edu Public policy, nonprofit administration and social entrepreneurship, and research methods
Olson, Laura Professor lko1@lehigh.edu Public policy, American presidency, and politics of women
Wurth, Albert Associate Professor ahw1@lehigh.edu American public policy and political economy, emphasizing environment and technology