Brown Bags, Lectures and Papers

Faculty Member: 

Saladin Ambar

In addition to his new book American Cicero mentioned below in Publications, Associate Professor and Chairperson Saladin Ambar completed or is about to present the following:

Brown bag talks on 2/16/17 and  2/23/17|
Delivered a lecture to the University of Delaware History Workshop on 2/2/17.
Will be presenting a paper on W.E.B. DuBois and William James 3/16-3/18 in Birmingham, Alabama  at the SAAP 2017 44th Annual Meeting.
Will be delivering a paper on “The Cuomo Political Dynasty: Progressive Governance in Transition” in Vancouver Canada on April 13 for the Western Political Science Association.
...And will be delivering a Paper on William James, W.E.B. and the Problem of Fraternal Racial Pairings in Politicalin Political Thought, as well as participating as a discussant on a separate panel in Chicago on 4/5-4/9 at the MSPA.