About the Department

The Department's Mission

The mission of the Department of Political Science at Lehigh University is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a sophisticated understanding of the political world that they inhabit through interactive instruction. Accordingly, students are introduced to a plethora of theories, information about political processes and institutions, as well as essential historical context so that all majors will not only enhance their comprehension of the discipline, but also transition to becoming engaged and participatory citizens in a democratic republic. To assist in the process of creating and disseminating knowledge to the academy, society, and to the University community, faculty colleagues are committed to producing ongoing scholarship in their respective subfields as well as providing service to the University, discipline, and greater community.

The program in Political Science offers both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to pursue intellectually rigorous and personally meaningful study in an inquiry-based learning environment. Offering a high degree of collaborative learning experiences with individual faculty and peers, the Political Science major provides students with an enriched understanding of the political world while simultaneously allowing them to explore their own career interests and aspirations.

As a program in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Political Science undergraduate major affords students a significant amount of flexibility in developing and pursuing their own undergraduate curriculum. It is the collective hope of the faculty members in the department that all undergraduate majors have a rich and rewarding liberal arts experience. Both undergraduate and graduate students in the program will have the opportunity to enhance their research and analytical skills and to work closely with faculty members in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge. By way of summary, majoring in Political Science at either level will provide students with a variety of experiences that will help them in understanding the constantly changing political, economic, and cultural universe.