About the Department

The Department's Mission

Lehigh’s Political Science Department prides itself on its high level of faculty research activity on issues of high current significance, effectiveness in classroom teaching, accessibility to students, and collegiality. Our faculty bring to their research and teaching a keen interest in theoretical issues that overlap discrete disciplines, a passionate concern for the current and future political world, and an on-going critical exploration of such areas as: the historical and contemporary meanings of justice and democracy; the impact of globalization on first and third world nations; competing public policy paradigms; the subversion of democracy by the mass media, popular culture, and campaign finance; the role of law in contemporary society; and interplay of economics, ecology, and pluralistic culture.

The program in Political Science offers students, both undergraduate and graduate, an opportunity to pursue intellectually rigorous and personally meaningful study in an inquiry-based learning environment. Offering a high degree of collaborative learning experiences with individual faculty and peers, the program is designed to provide students with an enriched understanding of the political while they simultaneously explore and sort out their career interests and life choices.

The program provides students with a significant amount of flexibility in developing and pursuing a program of study. In general, courses aim at stretching the boundaries of students’ assumptions and strengthening their capacity for original research. The graduate and undergraduate experiences are designed to optimize the match between individual student interests, the rigors of sophisticated research and analysis, and the pursuit of meaningful and rewarding post-graduate work. In sum, the Department provides students with multiple opportunities “to learn, how to learn.” That is, we provide them with a variety of experiences where they begin the process of learning to use the tools needed to explore, understand, and explain an ever changing political, economic, and cultural universe.