Announcements Archive

Nandini Deo

Dr. Deopresented in Kolkatta, India at Society for International Law and Policy January 2017.

Saladin Ambar

In addition to his new book American Cicero mentioned below in Publications, Associate Professor and Chairperson Saladin Ambar completed or is about to present the following:

Brown bag talks on 2/16/17 and  2/23/17|
Delivered a lecture to the University of Delaware History Workshop on 2/2/17.
Will be presenting a paper on W.E.B. DuBois and William James 3/16-3/18 in Birmingham, Alabama  at the SAAP 2017 44th Annual Meeting.
Will be delivering a paper on “The Cuomo Political Dynasty: Progressive Governance in Transition” in Vancouver Canada on April 13 for the Western Political Science Association.
...And will be delivering a Paper on William James, W.E.B. and the Problem of Fraternal Racial Pairings in Politicalin Political Thought, as well as participating as a discussant on a separate panel in Chicago on 4/5-4/9 at the MSPA.

Holona Ochs

Dr. Ochs will present at the conference and chair panels as follows:
Chair #1: Poverty and Health: Problems and Solutions
Chair #2: Militarism, Subversion, and Protest
Chair: Expectatons of Justice and Equity in Policy, Administration and Public Management
Author: The Role of  Untreated Mental Illness in Deadly Encounters with the Police: The Case of California